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About the Course 

We are taught a lot of things about art - history, technique, what's good, what's bad, etc. That said, we are never taught how to prepare or develop what it actually takes to “be an artist” - to live day to day, creating, existing and thriving. In this ten-week program, we’re digging into what it actually requires to take our art careers to where we want them to go. 

You will be trained in being at the source of your own success in three crucial areas of your career and life; Structure, Support, & Inspiration.

Each program is a small group of intergenerational artists from multiple disciplines. As a participant, you will: 
-Set out to play a self-defined “game” for ten weeks
-Create a vision for how to “win” that game
-Shape, fund, develop, and ultimately accomplish major goals towards the game
-Ultimately, whether you win or lose, you’ll make significant advancements over the course of the program.

“Being An Artist” was created by New York-based artists Allie Wilkinson and Liam Alexander to support their own art practice and the success of their community.  It has grown to contribute to many more artists throughout the globe and across disciplines.  

This course is conducted as a series of calls and small group meetings. The following dates to take note of are listed below:

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