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Sept 2019 - Sept 2021


Hudson Yards

SAP Gallery of Purpose

SAP engaged a select group of artists to create new work based on the UN Sustainability Goals. My work "The Great Equalizer" emphasizes the significance access to quality education, and a nontraditional co-learner approach to education.

SAP Gallery of Purpose
SAP Gallery of Purpose

Time & Location

Sept 2019 - Sept 2021

Hudson Yards, Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA

About the event

The SAP Gallery of Purpose is permenantly on display at the SAP Headquarters at Hudson Yards, and travels. 

See a video of me talking about this project here:

"The Great Equalizer” recognizes that education provides opportunity for everyone. It emphasizes the significance of ensuring inclusion for all, access to quality education, fostering curiosity, and promoting opportunity and Learning For Life. SAP is committed to lifelong learning initiatives that help the best run businesses make the world run better. Powered by SAP. 

fo this piece I used the element of surprise to magnify the power of shared learning. I want people to experience wonder when they see this artwork, curiosity opens our minds to new ideas. If everyone is educated, we can solve so many of the world’s problems.  The artwork portrays a nontraditional approach to education. Modern learning is an ongoing, shared responsibility between children, adults, business and the community.

You can learn more about this project here:

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