Liam Alexander is a fine artist and creative director whose intention is catalyzing social change through artistic expression. 


Liam has created community focused  creative projects such as: IThou at the NYU Kimmel Galleries, The Exchange at Rush Arts, #StrokeofGenius, and Being an Artist. 


His work has been featured in gallery exhibitions and art fairs throughout the United States, at the second annual Toolkit Festival in Venice, Italy and published in magazines like Kolaj, Nylon and Rolling Stone. He has creates projects with major brands like, The City of New York, Samsung, SAP, and Renaissance Hotels


Current / Upcoming Exhibitions

  • SAP Gallery of Purpose
    Hudson Yards
    Hudson Yards, Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA
    SAP engaged a select group of artists to create new work based on the UN Sustainability Goals. My work "The Great Equalizer" emphasizes the significance access to quality education, and a nontraditional co-learner approach to education.

on making art with a purpose